Public Speaking

I really like the idea of selecting a topic that will be helpful for people and speak on it.


Designing the Mobile User Experience

I've talked about:

  • Why mobile is important
  • Key design considerations
  • The danger of feature creep
  • Mobile trends

Event Details: UX Yerevan

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

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What is user experience

I've talked about:

  • What is UX
  • What is UX design
  • The role of UX designer
  • How to recognize great UX design?
  • Why should you care about UX?
  • How UX design is different than AV system design?

Event Details: AVIXA Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands


User Onboarding for Mobile App

My presentation will cover following topics:

  • Why onboarding is so important
  • Different techniques for onboarding (static onboarding, progressive disclosure, contextual hints, etc.)

Event Details: Mobiconf 2017

Location: Krakow, Poland

How Animation Helps Improve Mobile User Experience

My presentation covered following topics:

  • Why animation is important
  • Different types of animation (functional and delightful)
  • The roles of functional animation in UI design
  • Why delight isn't less important than functionality
  • Basic set of rules for using animation in your app

Event Details: MBLT 2017

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

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How To Be A Good Guide: Crafting Navigation Experiences

My presentation covered following topics:

  • The principles of good navigation
  • Dangerous navigation patterns
  • Favorite classics and innovative patterns for web, mobile and wearables platforms
  • Navigation for augmented and virtual reality
  • How to be ready for future platforms yet to come

Event Details: Push Conference 2016

Location: Munich, Germany

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