About: SberPortal is a smart display that supports voice and gesture interaction and gives users access to the ecosystem of products and services.

Portal Device

Dates: Dec 2019 - Dec 2020

Role: Lead Product Designer

Responsibilities: Work closely with the product teams on conceptualization and prototyping the first generation of smart assistant and device UI. I was responsible for integrating AI assistants in core scenarios of interaction.

  • Defining the role of Smart AI in portable devices;
  • Designing core navigation using AI (both voice-based and touch-based interactions);
  • Integrating AI in core services like music, movies, grocery shopping, and smart home management.


  • Market research (running competitor analysis to identify close competitors, analyzing the experience that Google Hub and Amazon Echo offer to their users).
  • Requirement clarification (writing precise requirements for the AI assistant and sharing requirements with the product team, evaluating the feasibility of the proposed solutions from the technical perspective).
  • User flows design (designing user flows for scenarios like ordering food)
  • Wireframing (low-fidelity wireframing for internal use; wireframes were shared with the product team to evaluate concepts).
  • Polishing high-fidelity design created by visual designer teams.

Platforms: Mobile, Smart portable devices

Tools: Figma, Whimsical, Miro

Work examples:

"Health care flow (Mobile)" lo-fi screens in Figma

"Voice command for AI assistant (Mobile)" lo-fi screens in Figma

Negotiation with customer support service

"Voice call flow (Smart Device)" lo-fi screens in Whimsical:

Video call flow

Onboarding flow in high-fidelity

Onboarding flow

Home screen navigation in high-fidelity:

Home screen navigation. 

"Music player & active assistant" high-fidelity flow:

Music player & active assistant

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