About project:  Sber Investor is a mobile app for private investors. It allows users to view their finance portfolio, current market quotes, investment ideas, and transactions for the purchase. This project is a massive redesign of an existing mobile app used by thousands of users.

Dates: 2019 - 2020

Role: Lead Product Designer / Project Manager

Platform: Mobile (iOS and Android)

Responsibilities: Work closely with the Head of the Sber Invest department on product features design. I was responsible for designing core user flows in mid- fidelity, gaining approval on the design, and communicating finalized design to the team of visual designers who later turned it into high fidelity.

The project started in December 2019 and was successfully finished in July 2020.


  • Clarification of product design requirements (writing product specifications, covering all use-cases);
  • Wireframing (creating mid-fidelity wireframes for all major user flows, including portfolio analysis, investment recommendation, and risk management);
  • Product design team management (prioritizing tasks in the task management system and tracking the performance of the visual design team; for this project, I chose to use Scrum methodology because it was essential to communicate design velocity);

User research details (metrics):

I worked on the redesign of this product, and the team was able to share raw data regarding the performance of the previos version of the product. It helped to establish the business bottom line, and together with the team, we've defined the following set of metrics:

  • User retention (Return rate);
  • Conversion rates (Key actions such as investing);
  • User satisfaction (App store ratings & reviews and in-app feedback mechanisms);
  • Time to complete a task (Key tasks such as making a new investment, analyzing portfolio);
  • User behavior (Heat map analysis and event tracking);

Tools: Figma

Work examples:

"Investment insights" mid-fidelity screens in Figma

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