Sber Private Bank

About the project:  Sber Private Bank is a mobile app for private banking for the top 1% of the wealthiest customers of the Sber. It allows users to view their financial state, get advice on how to make more money, and provide exclusive offers. This project is a design of a new application from scratch.

Dates: Sep 2021 - Jan 2022

Role: Lead Product Designer / Project Manager

Platform: Mobile (iOS and Android)

Responsibilities: Work closely with the Dmitry Belikov, Head of Business at Sber Private Banking department, on product features design. Help our product team clarify requirements and design a better end-user experience for Sber users. I was responsible for designing core user flows in mid-fidelity, gaining approval on UX design, and communicating it to the team of visual designers who later turned it into high fidelity.


  • Creating user persona of the product (learning about needs, wants, and habits of the target audience of this product);
  • Collecting business requirements from the Sber team, analyzing them, matching them with user needs/goals, and turning the result into design specifications;
  • Information architecture design (creating IA design and taxonomy);
  • Wireframing (preparing mid-fidelity wireframes for all major user flows, including portfolio analysis, investment recommendation, and exclusive offers);
  • Product design team management (prioritizing tasks for the team of 15 designers and tracking the performance daily);
  • Extending Sber's internal design system (adding new components to the existing system, optimizing the structure of the design system);

User research details (metrics):

  • User retention (Return rate);
  • Conversion rates (investing, claiming offer);
  • User satisfaction (analyzing personal feedback from users and in-app feedback mechanisms called Counselor);
  • Time to complete a task (new investment, analyzing portfolio);
  • User behavior (heat maps, event tracking);

Tools: Figma

Work examples:

"Home screen" mid-fidelity screens in Figma

Portfolio rebalancing advice

"Assets management" mid-fidelity screens in Figma

Assets management

"Exclusive events" mid-fidelity screens in Figma

Exclusive events

Video summary of private banking experience


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