Natural AI

About project: Natural - the first generative interface that allows software to be in sync with your intention. You no longer go to apps, apps come to you. Simply say what you need and the right app forms itself around your words.

Natural AI iOS app

Dates: 2018 - present

Platform: Mobile (iOS), Web

Role: Lead Product Designer

Responsibilities: Work closely with the CEO (Jerry Yue) on product features design. Defined, prototyped and validated many core features that are avaiable in the actual version of a product, including grocery shopping, booking a flight/hotel, ordering rideshare.


  • Conducting market research;
  • Concept ideation (solo and with product team);
  • Information architecture (navigation);
  • Wireframing (low fidelity);
  • Prototyping (high fidelity);
  • Usability testing (mostly happy path scenarios);

Tools: Figma, Whimsical, Miro

Examples of work done by me:

Grocery shopping (cart screen)

Cart summary and order processing

Grocery shopping (product lists)

Grocery shopping lists

Book a flight

Book a flight screens

Collaborative movie selection

Notification strategy (for booking a flight domain)

Using different channels for sending updates

Onboarding strategy

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